MCP Rules

The Madison Community Pool Corporation is governed by its' By-laws and all members and guests must abide by its' Rules.

The By-Laws of the corporation grant the Board of Trustees permission to create Rules regarding the operation of the pool

All members and guests must adhere to the Pool Rules; Rules are enforced by Pool Management

Rules for bringing guests are listed here: Guest Rules

Rules regarding safety include criteria for using the Deep Water Tank. 

Pool Rules

The Madison Community Pool Corporation (Pool) is a separate membership organization that is a public charity and is not affiliated with the Borough of Madison. All members and guests must follow these rules and staff instructions. Any misunderstandings or objections should be brought to the attention of Pool Manager. The Manager has the authority to suspend membership when there is violation of Pool rules. Assistant Managers have full authority in Manager's absence. The priority goal of the management is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the members and their guests. Any changes to rules will be posted at the Pool.

Everyone using the Pool does so at his/her own risk. The Pool is not responsible for any accident, injury or loss of personal property


o Pool members check in using their key fob each time they enter the pool. There are NO EXCEPTIONS as this is a safety issue.

o There are no checking facilities; do not bring valuables to the Pool.

o Once the Pool opens for the swimming season, there will be no refunds for membership fees.

o Memberships are not transferable, even within a family. Anyone borrowing, loaning or passing a key fob access card will be suspended for 2 weeks and any further violations may result in termination of membership.

o Members may purchase a babysitter membership. Babysitters may use the pool only when accompanying children with or without parents. Babysitters may only bring in guests of the children they supervise. Babysitters may not use the pool for their own use, nor may they bring in their own guests.

o Members must register their guests by filling out the guest information form, pay a guest fee, accompany their guests and take responsibility for the conduct of their guests while at the pool. Guests MUST wear bracelets provided by the Pool.

o Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older who will be responsible for the child’s conduct at the pool. Children 10 to 12 years old who have written parental approval on file with the Pool and have passed the Deep Water Test may come without an adult. This privilege may be suspended at the discretion of the Manager. Anyone dropping off a member under the age of 13 (with the exception of those members age 10-12 who have such written parental permission) and leaving them alone at the pool will forfeit their membership, without refund.

o Non-swimming children may enter the 2-3 foot section of the pool; and when accompanied by a parent/guardian may enter the 3-4 foot section of the pool, conditions permitting. Non-swimming children are never allowed in the deep water tank and cannot use the diving board, loop slide or drop slide.

o The Pool is not responsible for supervising children within pool property -- or in Memorial Park parking lots, picnic areas or playground.

o Pre-Teen parties are for children who have completed their fourth grade year (approx. 10-12 yrs old) and their guests who have passed the Deep Water Test. Signed parental permission forms, either already on file or completed for the party, are required to gain admission to the party. There is a small fee for the party.

o The Pool prohibits the use of flotation devices (defined as anything device that can keep a person afloat including but not limited to: swim vests, life vests, swimmies, arm floats, rafts, noodles) in the Main and Wading Pools except during Moonlight Swims, Pre-teen parties and special events. Those using the adult lap lanes are allowed to use swim training equipment. Water guns are not permitted.


o Wading Pool is for children 5 years old and younger, under constant adult supervision.

o Children using the Wading Pool must wear swimming diapers or diapers that are covered with plastic panties.

o All children must be toilet trained to use any section of the Main Pool. Absolutely NO DIAPERS or swimmies are permitted in the Main Pool. NO EXCEPTIONS. Members caught violating this rule more than twice in a season will have their membership privileges suspended for two weeks.


o The Deep Water Test is given at 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm daily. A child may take the test two times a day. The sign up sheet for the Deep Water Test is maintained at the Front Desk. Children must be at least 5 years old when they take the deep water test.

o Click see below for the requirements to pass the Deep Water Test.


o Do not enter an occupied lane without letting the swimmer(s) already in the lap lane that you are entering. Get their attention by dangling your legs into the water or standing to the side at the end of the lane. Discuss with each swimmer how you will share the lane.

o Do not enter an occupied lane if another is empty.

o If there are two swimmers in the lane, it can be split into halves and each swimmer swims in one half of the lane.

o If there are more than two swimmers in the lane, they must all circle counterclockwise in the lane. Always swim on the right side of the lane when circle swimming. This means swimming on one side of the lane going down and the other side of the lane coming back.

o Only if you are alone in a lane, can you swim following the middle line.

o Don’t push off the wall right in front of a faster swimmer. Let him/her pass first. The fastest swimmer has the right of way; slower swimmers must yield. Likewise, don’t push off right behind a slower swimmer. Leave some room for the other slower swimmer before pushing off.

o Pass on the left hand side. If you are the slower swimmer and being overtaken at the turn, stop, and wait until the other swimmer has pushed off the wall.

o A pass must be initiated in time to over-take the slower swimmer before the wall. A pass may be initiated only if there is no risk of collision with a swimmer on the other side of the lane.

o Lap lanes are for swimming complete laps, not for water aerobics, water walking or socializing. If you need to rest, do it at the wall and stay as far to the side as possible, leaving room for other swimmers to turn.

o Swim training equipment (kick board, pull-buoy, flippers, etc.) is permitted in the lap lanes.


o NO SMOKING is permitted within the confines of the pool.

o No Spitting is allowed in the pool facilities.

o No one is allowed in water without lifeguards on duty. Members must refrain from conversations with lifeguards on duty. The Manager may announce periodic rest periods for lifeguards and clear the pool completely.

o The Manager may announce periodic adult swims for members 18 years old and older. The 3 foot section of the pool will remain open to non-swimming children only (those without blue wristbands/guests with red wristbands).

o There will be no diving anywhere in the pool except off of the diving board in the deep water tank. The only exception to this will be during swim lessons, team practices, and swim meets.

o There will be no jumping into the pool except in 5 foot section and off the diving board.

o The deep water tank is for diving and slide exits only. One person is permitted on the diving board and each slide at a time. Approved sports are restricted to designated areas.

o There will be no prolonged holding of breath underwater as a test of endurance. This is a dangerous action and can result in death or serious injury.

o There will be no diving or jumping off the steps or ladders into the pool.

o There will be no sitting on the steps of the pool as that blocks entry or exits.

o No water paraphernalia is allowed in Main Pool. Throwing and diving for stones, coins or other objects is prohibited.

o Running, pushing, towel snapping, profane language or other behavior creating danger or annoyance is prohibited.

o Benches surrounding the pool should be not be moved.

o Chairs and towels should not be placed on the concrete decking surrounding the pool.

o Swimmers with skin lesions, inflamed eyes or discharge from nose or ears, open blisters or cuts are not permitted in water. Bandages are not allowed in water.

o All injuries at the Pool must be reported immediately to Manager.

o No animals other than Seeing Eye or Registered Service Dogs are permitted on premises.

o Slide in three (3) foot area is restricted to use by children 3-9 years of age.

o No age restriction on the slide into the 3 1/2 foot section. Non-swimmer (wristband) restrictions apply on this slide.


o Parking is allowed in the parking lots only. NO PARKING IS ALLOWED ON THE GRASS AT ANY TIME. There are three parking lots available for parking. Lot # 1 on the left, Lot #2 on the right and Lot #3 the upper lot on Rosedale Ave.

o Members will be allowed to drop off at the circle in front of the entrance of the pool. There is no parking allowed in the circle. Waiting time is limited to 15 minutes.


o Members and Guests are encouraged to order food from the Snack Bar on site.

o Ordering food from outside vendors and consuming that food inside the pool area will not be allowed.

o Members and Guests may bring small snacks to the pool and eat them on the grassy area.

o Members and Guests are responsible for cleaning up any trash resulting from food they have brought in to the pool, and any violations may incur fines and / or suspensions of membership.

o The fenced snack area at the far end of the pool may be reserved for parties for a fee of $25. Members are asked to ensure their party guests consume food within the confines of the fence.

o Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on premises. Soft drinks may be brought to the pool area if stored in plastic containers. Glass is not permitted on premises.


o Members may leave their own collapsible outdoor lawn or beach chairs in a storage rack at the pool.

o Members leave chairs at their own risk and the pool is not responsible in any way for any loss or damage to the chairs. Further, members must provide their own lock and chain if desired.

o There is no charge for storage, but there is a limit of one chair per member.

o Guests are not permitted to store chairs at the pool.

o Any chairs left at the pool at the end of the season will be disposed.

Guest Rules

Members 18 years or older are permitted to bring guest according to the following rules:

• Member Responsibilities

o Register your guests by completing a guest information form

o Remit a fee for your guests (cash, check or Guest Pass)

o Accompany your guests

o Take responsibility for the conduct of your guests while at the pool

• Guests Responsibilities

o Follow the same rules and regulations as members

o Wear a wristband

• Individual Members are not permitted to bring other household members as their guests

• Young Guests / Young Members

o Any guest under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by a member 18 years or older

o Any guest 13 years old or older may be accompanied by a member aged 13 thru 18, if a parent of the guest or member signs a youth guest permission form

o Guests that are part of a birthday party must be met at the Front Desk by an adult member, unless a list of attendees is given to the pool management prior to the party

o Deep Water Test

 Guests under 13 must pass the Deep Water Test before using the deep water features of the pool

 Guests may take the Deep Water Test at the regularly scheduled time

 Repeat guests who have passed the Deep Water Test do not have to take the test again

• Guests that are Madison residents

o Permitted as guests on weekdays only

o Permitted as guests any day of the week if they are 14 years of age or younger

o Permitted as guests for Moonlight Swims (fee applies)

• Moonlight Swim Guests

o Pay the fee appropriate for their age level

o Pay the fee regardless of whether they have been a guest for the day

• Guest Passes

o Purchased in groups of 10

o Used for any age level

o Unused portion cannot be returned for a refund

o Good only in year purchased

o Will not be replaced if lost

o May be used for Moonlight Swims

• Manager may suspend guest privileges if necessary to relieve overcrowding

• Guests that are part of a birthday party must be met at the Front Desk by an adult member, unless a list of attendees is given to the Pool management prior to the party and payment has been made.

Deep Water Test

For safety reasons, all children under the age of 13 must pass a Deep Water Test to prove to MCP management that they can swim well enough to be permitted in water over their heads. Swimmers using the Loop Slide, the Drop Slide and the Diving Board enter the pool where its' depth is over 10 feet. Only children who have passed the Deep Water Test are permitted to use these features.

A child who is proficient in Swim Lessons Level 3 is prepared to pass the Deep Water Test. A child who fails the Deep Water Test twice will be directed to take a lesson before taking the test again. A child who passes the Deep Water Test in the last two weeks of the season, must take the Deep Water Test again the following year.

Deep Water Tests are given at the first lifeguard stand at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00 pm daily. A child may take the Deep Water Test twice per day.

The managers of the Pool have the discretion of determining the rules for the Deep Water Test. A copy of the current rules are maintained at the Front Desk.