50th Anniversary commemorative t-shirt: 2018’s fundraiser T-SHIRT to support MAASA

All proceeds from the 2018 sales and additional donations went to support the MAASA organization- Madison Alliance Addressing Substance Abuse.

MAASA is a community-based alliance dedicated to preventing and reducing the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, with a special focus on children and adolescents. Their main goal is to promote a drug and alcohol-free environment for everyone. 

Thank you again for supporting MAASA and helping make our community a better place! 




50th Anniversary "Rose" Coloring Page!



Madison Community Pool's 50th Anniversary coloring page is still available! You can print out this picture of Rose, the Madison Mermaid, from our 50th Anniversary logo, and color it in. We will display the art at the pool throughout the summer. Download the "Rose" coloring page by clicking here and saving file to your desktop.