MCP's 50th Anniversary!

50th Anniversary commemorative t-shirt: fundraiser to support MAASA

Go to Fundraiser Page to order MCP 50th Anniversary T-shirts and support MAASA!

You can purchase a commemorative t-shirt from the MCP and all proceeds and additional donations will support the MAASA organization- Madison Alliance Addressing Substance Abuse. MAASA is a community-based alliance dedicated to preventing and reducing the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, with a special focus on children and adolescents. Their main goal is to promote a drug and alcohol-free environment for everyone. 

We are offering youth, adult and ladies styles on shirts, and various sizes and colors are available. Please note that if we do not meet our minimum quantity of short orders required by the manufacturer to do a fundraiser, we will not be able to print the shirts. But all orders will then be refunded should that occur. Once shirt orders are closed on 7/2/18, it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery.  You can choose to have the shirts shipped to your address for a small shipping fee, or shipped to the pool. If you will be picking your shirts up at the pool, we will notify you when they are available. Thank you for supporting MAASA and helping make our community a better place! 



50th Anniversary "Rose" Coloring Page!



Help us celebrate the Madison Community Pool's 50th Anniversary this year! You can print out this picture of Rose, the Madison Mermaid, from our 50th Anniversary logo, and color it in. Or pick one up at the pool. We will display the art at the pool throughout the summer. Download the "Rose" coloring page by clicking here and saving file to your desktop.