Madison Community Pool

Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons are offered weekday mornings to children who are members, at least four years of age by 7/1/17, and toilet trained

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Lessons follow the Red Cross six-level Learn-to-Swim program

1 Introduction to Water Skills Teaches familiarity with water, bobbing, retrieving submerged objects and water safety.  Introduces floating, glides, and alternating arm and leg action on front and back.
2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills Teaches full submersion, floats, glides, and treading water.  Combines alternating arm and leg action for Front Crawl and Backstroke.
3 Stroke Development Teaches diving, rotary breathing, treading water, Front Crawl and Backstroke. Introduces streamline position, the Butterfly kick, and Elementary Backstroke. Proficiency at this skill level prepares the swimmer to pass the Deep Water Test. Exit assessment: Pass Deep Water Test.
4 Stroke Improvement Introduces Breaststroke, Sidestroke, Butterfly, open turns, and surface diving. Exit assessment: swim 2 lengths of the pool without resting.
5 Stroke Refinement Introduces shallow angle dive, sculling, and treading water for 5 minutes.  Focuses on increasing swim distances. Exit assessment: swim 4 lengths of the pool without resting.
6 Skill Proficiency Teaches advanced turns and long-distance swimming.  Refines all skills and strokes. Exit assessment: swim 20 lengths of the pool without resting.  (Session 1 and 2 Only)

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