Family Membership

Family Membership is defined in this exerpt from Article III of the MCP By-Laws:

  1. A husband and/or wife and/or domestic partner, and all family members residing in the same household who are under the age of twenty-six(26) and fully dependent on the head of household for their support and maintenance
  2. Unmarried family members who are serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.
  3. Parents of either or both the husband and/or wife who reside with and are dependent for support, upon either the husband and/or wife.
  4. A Fresh Air Fund child or other charitable ward residing with the family.
  5. Unmarried family members over the age of twenty-six (26) years who are considered helpless in that they are unable to pursue gainful employment sufficient to allow them to support themselves and who therefore remain fully dependent on the head of the household for their support and maintenance.