Madison Community Pool

Facility Photos

The pool is divided into several areas, each catering to the different needs of its members:

Deep Water Area
  • 19' drop slide with a 12' plunge
  • 120' winding slide starting from 18' above the surface
  • 1m diving board
  • Children under 13 must pass the Deep Water Test before they can use any feature in the Deep Water Tank
Deep Water Tank
Adult Lap Area
  • Two lanes
  • 25 yards in length
  • In five feet of water
  • Reserved for lap swimmers who are 18 or older
Adult Lap Lanes
4 Foot Area
  • A swimming/wading section
  • For taller children and adults
Slide into Four Foot Section
3 Foot Area
  • A wading section for young children
  • Children must be toilet trained
Slide into Three Foot Section
Handicap Accessibility
  • User-operable water powered chair lift
  • meets ADA guidelines
  • Provides accessibility to the three foot section of the pool
Handicap Accessibility Chair
Baby Pool
  • Separate pool for kids under 5
  • Zero entry on two sides
  • Depth of 18" in the center
  • Adult supervision required
Baby Pool


Other Features of the Madison Community Pool:

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